Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alaska ;)

Most people don't understand the power of moving to the lower 48, as anyone from Alaska would say.  Life in Alaska is different.  They do things as we all do, but WHEN IT IS TIME, we in fact have no comparision, because if you live on an island, it is really hard to include yourselves into what is hot. Your waiting for the hi-how are ya? to tell you that what is hip is in fact hip.   I remember moving from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to Ketchikan, Alaska,as a junior(of all worst things possible)into a new world.  I lived on Fairy Chasm rd....(what??? what kinda street name is that?) I lived next to Melinda Kuharich, and she was hip on the Alaskan behaviors.  All I wanted was to be liked, I was stranger in a strange land. , I entered into my first drunken bad, but I learned from it,as we all do.
To leave something that was comfortable and enter  into something that was new, was painful.  All you want is for people to like you!!!  When you are young you spend alot of time worrying about what the people that care the less about you think.  Wow, what irony huh?  It is not until you bring a new life into the world that everything you have done and will do matters.  People change, we grow, we learn, we adapt to what makes us happy.  The things that meant the absolute most to us in high school fade away.  I can say that I am so grateful to have shared in the world of Ketchikan High School.  Jeff Carson, you made me laugh so hard.  Germaine, you and your family have no idea the impact you had on me.  Mr Dillenburg, I get it now, wish I did then.  To all the girls that I made feel bad or vice versa, so unimportant now.  You all are absolutely beautiful period, if I had to do it all over I would just shut-up.  Thank you Asoni and Kristin for great experiences... Amanda my dear sister, I was a s---head to you and I am sorry for that, as well Krysta and Michi.   Sorry :(  I will try from now to take the cotton outta my ears and stick into my mouth...I get it...<3


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