Tuesday, October 5, 2010


     I noticed this morning driving to work that it is much cooler.  Part of me is somewhat depressed by that, only because it means winter is approaching.  The stores are full of Halloween items, and I know, I will blink and we will be on to the next holiday..Thanksgiving.  My husband and I always buy more turkey than we need, and something about ordering a fresh turkey from your butcher, weeks before the "day" makes it special.  As the holidays fast approach it is easy for us to get caught up in the commercialism and hype that these days create.  During the hype we lose sight of the real reason for the season...to be thankful for the people that have come in and out of our lives. Taking nothing for granted as it is only temporary. All things are temporary unfortunately in this world. Being humble always, and helping those that are less fortunate than ourselves.  Can you imagine, just for a second, what kind of world this would be if we followed these simple rules?
     When I was growing up, and I grew up lots of places, as I was a military brat. I encountered people that did not particularly care for me. It happens, its life. You move on and surround yourself with people that do like you.  These days, kids are playing with a entirely different set of rules. They are no boundaries and respect is all but extinct.  If they can't harass you at school or home, they take it to the computer and broadcast venom for the entire cyber world to see. Kids make other kids feel so bad about themselves that they commit suicide. What went wrong, from the time that I was 16 to now?
     I can base all life's lessons on one single author and we all know who he is... Dr. Suess.  There was a story called the Sneetches, a story about the separation of class and has parallels of racism and division.  Sneetches with stars on their bellies and those without.  One pivotal character Slyvester  McMonkey McBean is the catalyst for change among the Sneetches.  By charging them a fee, those that have no stars on their bellies can take a trip in the star-on machine.  Then, McBean declaring that stars "are so last year", invites those with stars to go through the star-off machine.   Who is McBean targeting if we applied it to us?  I would say fat people, "geeks" and minorities.  McBean represents the advertising and media industries, that we knowingly let into our homes day after day.  Programming our children to look a certain way, act a certain way, and exclude all others that don't fit that criteria. Belittle, shame and torment are now the norms to dealing with those that don't measure up. Morals, gratitude and humility are now characteristics of people who are weak.  How did that happen?  
     My husband and I are very busy people, we provide for our children, that is the American way. My father always said "Nothing is for free", and I believe that, so there are times when I can't monitor every move my children make.  But, we have instilled in them "Do unto others as you would have done unto you".  This is just a small gesture, in an ever growing problem.
     Now,the next statement is going to anger a lot of people. I don't vote for the sole reason that it fosters gambling on popularity.  Politics in my humble opinion, are a game of smoke and mirrors. Sorry, if it makes you mad, but if you don't believe in taking the train, you just don't. I am not implying that the folks that are in office are not capable, I am just saying it is not me.  I don't get involved in shutting down this, and keeping open that.  It is not my gig.  I take care of myself, my family and my kids. I pay taxes, my bills and I am vigilant on being a good neighbor, employee, citizen, friend, daughter, wife, sister, and mother.  I don't think that I am due anymore than the next guy.  The only thing that came out of Washington, that made any impact on me was "It takes a village to raise a child."  This is the most "In your face" statement.  Bullying is not a school board, superintendent, principal, teacher, parent, student problem.  It involves all of us. It is letting that car into traffic, it is yielding when you are supposed to. Holding the door open for a stranger and smiling at someone and meaning it.  Respecting those that have seen and experienced more and guiding and helping those that have yet to experience. Human decency.  We walk upright, reason and think.  Among us are astronauts, soldiers, doctors, fathers, and mothers and there is nothing that we as the human race cannot tackle.  Except that which tears us apart...Love yourselves.. and love others.

Love never claims, it ever gives. Love ever suffers, never resents never revenges itself. ~ Mahatma Ghandi


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All is not lost.

Check out the article entitled "Connecticut cheerleaders want uniforms with more coverage"

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