Monday, June 28, 2010

Grilled Cheese~deconstructed

What is better on a rainy day but a grilled cheese sandwich.  When I was feeling sick as a kid my mother used to make me a grilled cheese,and I can remember developing a love for them very early. Grilled cheese differ from person to person and no two sandwiches are the same. My husband loves thick sliced extra sharp cheddar between two slices of potato bread. I myself still enjoy melty American cheese between crispy English Muffin bread. The sandwich depends on the person.  I am in the business of making memorable sandwiches and those made with cheese.  Vermont is rich with cheese production Cabot, Grafton and Vermont Butter and Cheese to name just a few.  There is no shortage of delectable ingredients to a perfect grilled cheese here, just ask the cows.
The Kraft foods company launched the grilled cheese sandwich into hyper-space, and I believe that it has never returned to earth. Americans have just about stuffed anything between two pieces of bread and grilled it. So now I challenge all of you to go forth and create the perfect grilled cheese. Use your are a few appetizers to get you started. These are among the biggest sellers where I work. Recipes will serve four:

8 pieces good quality wheat bread
1 pound deli turkey
1 ripe bosc pear
4 ozs cranberry mayonnaise
1 pound brie cheese
butter to spread on bread
In a bowl take some jellied or whole cranberry sauce and mix with some mayonnaise, how strong you want it to be depends on you. Portion your turkey and brie into 4 equal portions. Remove the seeds from the pear and slice, skin on is good(all part of the experience).  Butter one side of all 8 pieces of bread, spread with cranberry mayonnaise, top with the brie,turkey and pears and grill until golden.  Not sure what kinda hardware you have at home for the sandwich process, I have just a big saute pan that I can make two at a time. Here is one that packs a kick.

8 pieces of good quality multi-grain bread
ranch dressing
1/2 pound sliced provolone cheese
1 large tomato sliced
1 pound good quality deli ham(I like Shalen's)
12 pieces cooked bacon(cobb-smoked thick slice the best)
jalapenos added based on who's eating it :)
butter to spread on bread
Cook your bacon till it is crispy, set aside on paper towels to drain. Butter one side of each piece of bread.  Portion provolone, one ounce for each sandwich and ham(4ozs), each sandwich gets a squirt of ranch dressing and sprinkle of jalapenos, construct as follows, bread, ranch dressing, jalapenos,provolone, ham, tomatoes,bacon,provolone, ranch dressing, and bread...grill it!!! Hope that you enjoy my creations, tell me if you don't and let's create is the limit.  There are no rules in food.

Cheese~milk's leap toward immortality.~Clifton Fadiman


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