Monday, January 17, 2011

Wedding Bells

     Lots of planning and thought goes into, pitching who you are and what you do, to prospective brides. This time of year, vendors are getting together, to make the process of planning a wedding go smoother, for all involved. I personally, was married by the justice of the peace, because I know that stress does not suit me well. Watching others plan weddings, with the best intentions, still get out of hand.

     When I worked in a restaurant, there rarely was any construction of cakes done on site. It just wasn't that kind of establishment. Watching "Cake Boss" is not a good representation of your average wedding cake place. Those cakes are beyond expensive, and most couples don't want to fork out that kind of money. They are starting out a life together and that is expensive. I talking about my area (rural country Vermont/New Hampshire).

     All the cakes the bakery  makes, are from scratch, I can vouch for that because it plugs up the ovens. Nothing comes from a box, and all cakes are decorated with real butter cream, the kind with butter and sugar only. We even make marshmallow fondant for cakes. Some brides like a finished look and using fondant achieves that. It is a terrible place for someone on a diet, like myself. There are cake tops laying around and butter cream everywhere. It takes all I can do, to not stick my finger in the frosting.

     In order to convey to the brides what we do, Barb baked a gazillion mini cupcakes and Jasmine frosted a dummy cake. I thought that I would show you what a dummy cake was. The layers are made from Styrofoam and then covered in royal icing. The royal icing hardens like a rock, allowing for easy transportation. This way, besides pictures we have a tangible representation of an actual cake, up close and personal.
These are Jasmine's beautiful photos on her wedding day. It was the first weekend in September, and prime apple picking season. As you can see from the photo, the trees were pregnant with crisp, ripe apples. It was held at Scott Farm, which is a 626 acre property offering 70 varieties of apples and is listed on the National Register of Historical Places, and has been actively growing apples since 1791.

     Even the smallest details can keep a bride on edge. However on the "day" it all comes together and the world breathes a sigh of relief. On the afternoon of September 4th, it was stressful
for Jasmine's family. But a family is a family, and we get through things gracefully, as best we can. Leaning on each other, when your strength is gone, is what life and love is all about, we carry each other when the burden is far too heavy.

     It was the best wedding that we( my boys and I) ever had the privilege to be included in. All details came together, the food was delightful, the company enjoyable, but beyond that, the moment unforgettable. Everyone came away, with love in their hearts and the feeling that dreams do really come true. I still am grateful to have married Jeff Gould on October 20th, 1996 in Maggie Cassidy's living room with only my 9 month old son, Casey to witness. Fifteen years later, we still can find the humor in being human.

The bonds of matrimony are like any other bonds~they mature slowly.~Peter DeVries


Mrs. Tuna said...

We had our local bakery do our cake, $150, but that was almost 30 years ago. Best cake ever.

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