Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stories of the Armchair Quarterback, live from the Doghouse.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kenmore Live Studio. All opinions are 100% mine.
     With a massive snow storm still looming overhead, my Super bowl dining plans have taken a backseat for the moment. I am happy to see that Kenmore has all the instruction that one needs for a killer party. Not to mention some very intriguing recipes. Kenmore in my opinion has come along way since, just the ON and OFF button feature. My sister's oven has a built in meat thermometer and has that sleek cook top, that is so easy to clean. We have come along way, since wood and fire.
      But what if Mom is on strike, and the dirty sock battle finally got the best of her?  Who then will cook the football feast? It is up to Dad and his wee minions to deliver a first class gridiron blowout. I will tell you a little secret to get you there, come a little is Super Bowl Recipes. These videos will fix up any novice Chef, left alone with bacon and cheddar. Chef Marty Larkin speaks the language of the armchair quarterback, and with his help, you can have a pigskin pig out fit for Ben Roethlisberger himself. 

     This video above, I almost wanted to kiss the monitor. Who, in the blue cheese moon came up with this gem!? To cook popcorn in bacon grease is pure genius, and I personally would love to shake that hand. If that was not intoxicating enough let's toss some bacon and shredded cheddar in it and make it a melty marriage of pure euphoria.

     Let's huddle up for Chef Marty's Mojo muddle. Mojo is a wonderful Cuban marinade that features Seville or sour oranges, and a refreshing drink made with fresh limes and mint, from the Cuban word mojar~to moisten. This recipe is so easy and unique, that I know my men could attempt this without my help.

     So when your clan finally realizes that Mom is in fact on strike, and there is no feast in the works, tell them to head on over to Super Bowl Recipes with Chef Marty, who will assist in that touchdown of a gorge-a-thon. While Mom for once gets to see the game, without dishpan hands.
You have to play this game like somebody just hit your mother with a two-by-four. ~Dan Birdwell

Super Bowl Recipes 
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