Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Red Hot Relaxation

     Random acts of kindness is just the medicine the world needs. During Christmas, we can lose sight of the real reason for the season. Only having the last 6 years worth of Christmases off, I can relate with the sentiment. This weekend, I visited my sister and parents in Maine. I make the annual trek, over the White Mountains, the first weekend in December. My niece was born on Christmas day, so not to crowd and already crowded holiday, we celebrate her birthday on the first weekend in December. I can relate to sharing your birthday with Christmas. I was born December 19th, and my parties usually were small, because well it is the busiest time of the year. My mother makes my favorite cake. I am one of those chefs that adore cakes with jello in it and covered in Cool Whip. Yum, yum.

    I am a neurotic driver, I can torment myself, with no help from other drivers. The drive to my sister's is not that bad now, because my car is smaller. When you are short and you are driving a big ginormous vehicle, you feel just a bit out of control. Last year, in St. Johnsbury, Vermont I just about took out my undercarriage trying to play frogger with the entrance ramp. But that is all behind me now, with my new smaller car. My 6'1" hubby is not too keen on the idea, he says it is a "chic car", I think it is because we no longer have a 4.2 liter Vortex engine.
     Maine is a great state gastronomically,the most obvious reason is the lobsters. But if you are like me and not into sea bound rats, then lobsters are not the deal maker. Maine however should really work on establishing themselves as the Whoopie Pie Capital of the World. That one, I can certainly vouch for. Every Mom and Pop shop, diner, and gas station has the most exquisite collection of Whoopie pies in the world. Gorgeous pies with fluffly fillings, these are the brain child of bakers in Maine that get little or no exposure for their epiphany. One other food about Maine that my boys adore is the wide availability of Red Hot hotdogs . These hotdogs blindfolded are just like any other hotdog. But, if eaten in Maine on a beautiful hot summer day, with the grill smoke trailing the air, and crisp sweet local corn slathered in fresh creamery butter this otherwise unnoticed hotdog takes on royal status. Maybe that is the secret to the lobster pounds that polka dot the countryside.

     Rumford, Maine needs a culinary 911 to come to town. This is not to say that the places in Rumford like Brian's Bistro , Dick's Restaurant(btw excellent place for breakfast), and the Chicken Coop are not great places to eat. The economy has made it impossible for culinary talent to take root in the area of  Rumford and Mexico, Maine. It is a shame too, because this place is in desperate need of a culinary makeover. A step in the right direction is 49 Franklin. This business is built into a renovated Methodist Church. It basically is a shell, waiting for the oyster. They provide the space, the food, the drinks, you bring the memories. My sister had her daughter's party there. For 19 bouncy children this space is far better than, my sister cleaning and recleaning her home, because she would.
     Bottom line is, I had a super time, with my sons and my family. I am blessed. It is small things that count. The red hot hotdogs landed in Brattleboro, very nicely and I racked my brain for a recipe that would be complimentary and awesome, all at the same time.. So here it goes.

Paige's wrapped stadium dog

12 pre-fried onion rings
4 red hot hotdogs
8 sticks of string cheese
2 green peppers, sliced and sauteed
1/4 cup prepared horseradish
4 healthy shakes hot sauce

Remove the pizza dough, and spread out, roll slightly. Divide into four equal pieces. Cut onion rings in half, we don't want them to tear the dough. Cut the string cheese in half lengthwise. Place hotdog at one end of the dough, top with 1/4 of the sauteed green peppers, 4 cut fried onion rings, and 2 string cheese sticks cut in half. Roll the contents, in the fashion of a burrito sealing the seam by pinching it together. Bake at 425F for 15 to 18 minutes or until crust is golden brown. Mix the russian dressing with the horseradish and hot sauce and use as dipping sauce.

A nickel will get you on the subway, but garlic will get you a seat.~Old New York Proverb


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